Weekend heat, heavy rain could cause flooding

Written by By Elise Derrico, CNN

Heavy rain is expected across the Pacific Northwest over the next several days, closing schools and interrupting outdoor activities.

As well as heavy rain, temperatures will be mild for this time of year. On Saturday, high temperatures were around 50 degrees Fahrenheit in most locations. More than half of the country will have high temperatures of 50 degrees or more this weekend.

This weather pattern is known as a “Pineapple Express” cold front and is a series of unusually cold and wet air masses that track from the west to the east. In the case of this line of storms, it leads to tremendous amounts of snow across California and the rest of the West, as well as cold temperatures in the eastern half of the country.

The Great Lakes region, South, and Northeast are also in for the rain. This fall’s weather will deliver to the Northeast a winter forecast you’ll love.

Early results show that moisture levels this fall are very high for these regions. The large amounts of moisture will cause widespread flooding issues along the coast with flooding rain and snow.

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