Verdict in the Holmes-Evans relationship? A ‘toxic brew’

Written by By Yvette Lee Bowser, CNN

San Francisco is home to many high-powered couples — venture capitalists, hedge fund managers, senior-level management at tech giants like Facebook, and CEOs at over 150 startups.

A recent story in the San Francisco Chronicle , however, describes how John and Elizabeth Holmes , the former CEO of Theranos, are shacking up in the same high-ceilinged, slightly dilapidated SF house.

Her former fiance Billy Evans has been hanging around the block. He’s allegedly her boyfriend and, according to the Chronicle, there was even a heated argument between the couple at the mansion before she moved in with John.

A resident of the mansion, who didn’t want to be named, spoke to CNN of witnessing the fight on March 22nd.

While the woman did not see any physical altercations, she said she saw the couple arguing over a heated Apple iPod.

“To be real truthful, I was scared to go down there the next day,” she said. “Especially when I heard a shout — as we were coming back — from [Elizabeth] over the gate: ‘Billy gonna kill me.’”

A grimace was visible on Holmes’ face as she spoke to Watson, who had collected his keys, that night, according to the woman.

She even approached the police after hearing the commotion between her neighbor and his girlfriend. “It kind of freaked me out, at first. And the police were like, ‘No, he’s fine.’”

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