UK shoppers have already earned back the splurges they’ve made on Black Friday

Every year on Black Friday shoppers the world over end up forking out money for brand-name products like TVs, handbags, appliances and so on, usually getting their hands on very little good stuff indeed for their hard-earned cash. This year won’t be any different. Especially for UK shoppers, who there is a huge treasure trove of bargains on offer in the luxury department of High Street shops.

Items like Dolce & Gabbana’s new limited edition embossed leather rollneck topped out at £2,300, while it was one of the go-to items for high street sales in 2017, Next’s convertible jeans set was available for just £70.

There were also discounted threads from Calvin Klein, Prada, Kate Spade and Valentino, as well as cheap and cheerful apparel from Zara and Mango, music and music-enabled devices from Spotify and Apple Music, and gadgets from Pure, Ambilight, Oppo and Philips.

So now we have the full range of items available and we decided which ones will see you saving in 2021 – wait until then! Here are the top 8 offers currently on offer in the UK:

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