‘Cobra Kai’ cast surprise Karate Kid star at New York show

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The ‘Cobra Kai’ cast surprised actor Andrew Garfield on stage

The cast of the rebooted ’80s Karate Kid film – which stars Michael Jai White and Jaleel White – surprised Andrew Garfield at a theatre in New York City on Saturday night.

The actor had finished his performance in Angels in America and sat down to be given a surprise invitation for “hockey night”.

The film is set to be released this summer and will follow the same storyline as the original film, with star Ralph Macchio joining the cast.

Garfield didn’t realise what was happening – but he quickly signed autographs and posed for photos with the cast.

@westoro_richard gave us this picture of Garfield signing his autograph for their show. He forgot he was being filmed on stage at that moment.

Classic shot: Remember the old days of sneaking cameras into shows like Les Miserables or Grease? — mrgeorgephilipson (@mrgeorgephilipson) June 9, 2019

He later said he had been terrified at the thought of the cast mimicking classic Karate Kid stunts.

‘Dope’ show

Garfield thanked the cast on his Instagram story, calling them “incredible people”

The actor had teased last week that he would be leaving the show at a premiere afterparty.

But it was just the beginning of his night at the Boom Boom Room as he also hung out with Mr White, who said he was “in the loop” about things.

And by the end of the night, he appeared to have been voted off the show.

Ahead of the show, the cast shared their excitement, posting pictures and videos, with a number of the Karate Kid fans tuning in live to the theatre.

The cast made fun of the strange co-star pairing, including Ralph Macchio’s character, who arrived to the show with a basketball.

No other movie has done this so well. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, as our live feed is showing. But this is incredible. @westoro_richard pic.twitter.com/OCn9l0NO6F — Angie Nazzaro (@agazzara19) June 9, 2019

Many viewers suggested Garfield would have a problem taking the role if it turned out he was meant to be Macchio’s brother.

Really getting into this !!! Just got @gastonmccane to help me out…ruined my forever…sorry for the sound👍 pic.twitter.com/1Sq0NE0uhe — Michael Jai White (@RealMikeWhite) June 9, 2019

Loading They know the message is for the audience 😂 In the key of #Neverforget! View on Instagram

Who will go where?

The next challenge for the Karate Kid reboot is whether Mr Miyagi – originally played by Pat Morita – will appear in the film after YouTube said he did not feature in the script or last year’s film.

Mr Morita was good friends with Macchio, who has said he needs to sign a non-disclosure agreement for the release of a new show.

“They would never have found a real way to incorporate Pat Morita in that movie if they hadn’t gone and made [the] movie, so they’re changing it,” Variety magazine reported Macchio as saying in May.

But earlier this year, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima insisted he will appear in the reboot.

The re-imagined Karate Kid has already received some criticism, with fans questioning why the film’s script was so different from the original.

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