Electric car maker Rivian asks the public to choose the name of its new $140,000 car

Rivian may have invented an electric hybrid coupe just two years ago, but now the company is asking the public to choose the name for its new $140,000 car.

On Friday morning, Rivian filed a U.S. trademark application that asked for the use of the name “Rivian E-Golf.” The French-inspired coupe is scheduled to hit dealerships early in 2020, and has an aim to reach speeds up to 325 miles per hour. The company made a splash in 2017 with its Rivian Reverb, a limited production electric car that was priced at $58,000 and ran on battery technology developed by Tesla, its chief rival.

Rivian still has one other IPO filing to go through: an I.P.O. also filed today with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The private company, which had more than $4 billion in revenue in 2017, is asking for a valuation of $34 billion. The St. Louis-based automaker will trade under the ticker “RIV” on Friday.

Rivian did not immediately return a request for comment.


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