The holiday cocktail in French Paris is the stuff dreams are made of

Written by By Tara Rogers, CNN

Trying to find fun and games in holiday retail can be as difficult as trying to pin down the meaning of the word “princess.”

Holiday shopping in Europe is different in large part because of the way European customers shop. In most countries, they’re the majority. As consumers, they spend around 40% more each year than Americans, and most of their money goes into the middle-market department stores and branded brands.

The trend of people favoring smaller luxury experiences over ostentatious goods has also significantly increased competition among retailers to come up with interesting and affordable products for consumers — whether they are traveling for business or pleasure.

“You can have holidays in Canda,” Nicky Morreale, senior vice president for the Americas at Kevin Garnett International , says. “But you will see what is for sale more in the form of a pint in a bar and someone enjoying an experience than you would a “do more” kind of trip.”

Here are a few businesses that offer unique experiences around the holiday season — a chance to let their taste buds do the talking.

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