The Latest: Biden undergoes surgery after colonoscopy shows cancer-like lesions


Former Vice President Joe Biden underwent a colonoscopy test last month that revealed a small, noncancerous lesion and prompted him to undergo exploratory surgery, the Associated Press reported on Friday.

The location of the lesion, deemed benign, was not revealed. A procedure was performed shortly afterward.

According to the AP, Biden’s doctor, Dr. J. Douglas Melamed, said in a statement: “Vice President Biden received a routine colonoscopy while he was out of the country and the test revealed a small, noncancerous polyp. An exam done after he returned to the U.S. revealed that this polyp was malignant, and I recommend he immediately undergo an aggressive regimen of chemotherapy and radiation.”

Doctors told the AP that Biden was in good spirits while the procedure was taking place and that he has already begun his treatment schedule.

“I share these findings with my friend and former colleague,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said. “Joe Biden is a man of character and integrity and I know his family will take great comfort knowing he will confront this challenge as he has so many others. I wish him the best.”

At the age of 72, Biden would be the second oldest person in the United States to ever run for president. In January, he refused to rule out a run, telling the AP, “I’m not giving up. Not when the country is facing such great challenges.”

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