The FBI issues warning to Cuban hackers after massive data hack

On Saturday, the FBI declared that the “Havana Syndrome” is “a top priority” for the agency, and that they plan to increase their presence in the area.

“We have launched an intensive and comprehensive investigation to track down and apprehend anyone involved in orchestrating the massive ransomware attack in Cuba last month,” wrote Comey in a statement. “We will not rest until we are confident that these violent criminals are brought to justice.”

The hack, which affected 100,000 computers, including government agencies and healthcare institutions, in 90 countries has been linked to hacking attempts in Ukraine, Russia, and the United States. The virus was believed to be sent by a group that calls itself “Shadow Brokers,” a name with a sinister side, considering that the group has made public exploits of its own.

Read more from the FBI here.

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