Earth Day travelers: Why March 31 is a day to stay in the States

EarthDay 2019 is Sunday, April 22. With that in mind, some organizations are leading the charge to stop climate change in its tracks by opting to skip traveling this Earth Day, March 31 and April 22 instead.

In a statement, the World Wide Fund for Nature, the United Nations Environment Program, Audubon and iDE-Library all say to not travel this year, with NOAA also referring to it as “a way to combat climate change.”

Another nonprofit organization that has released a campaign encouraging people to vacation in the United States rather than in other countries is the National Park Service. They even launch a hotline, (855) 843-4969, on May 1 in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency.

What do travelers have to worry about? On Monday, the California Department of Parks & Recreation announced it is closing all 49 national parks in California on April 20 for a 15-day period because of projected snowpack levels, saying this is the first time this has happened since 1963. Just last week, two of California’s three big reservoirs were well below average and were expected to continue dropping in response to a dry winter.

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