Rally of the cutest – a national rugby team of piglets

For the last few days, the golf course at Royal Antrim has been overrun by one super sized hog.

The two day mini-calving event, dubbed Hogs R Us, is expected to end with pigs mating, procreation and kittens being born to 40 piglets.

The annual event sees him getting the chance to display what he’s learned from passing milk to the other female piglets. The 15 to 20 piglets, all of them female, will be judged on attractiveness and they will be part of the show.

A few of the piglets break away from their herd and many of the pigs – two of which are still clinging on – will be driven out to the road at the end of the show. All have been penned off from the rest of the pigsty and will be sacrificed.

Each year about 400 pigs are born on the course in Castlereagh as part of the breeding programme.

Its the second year for Hogs R Us, but the first year that they’ve been given a brief but essential service – they were given a hydration station.

The corporate reserves will be providing each piglet with a water bottle, ready to drink when it is time to go.

It’s part of a corporate/tee off partnership with local pub, the Foden Arms.

No word yet on how this goes over with golfers.

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