Maverick Viñales dodges disaster after bailing out at 228 kph

The Peru-based plane diverted to Colombia before landing safely on home turf

Maverick Viñales dodges disaster after bailing out at 228 kph

The eccentric Peruvian pilot Maverick Viñales has added another entertaining story to his rich history by narrowly avoiding disaster after rolling into the sea during a wild landing in another country.

The plane headed for the Peruvian capital Lima from the central mountains when its tyres burst and pilots decided to continue their journey but instead a wing sprang up and Viñales forced the aircraft to go on the run into Colombia.

The Colombians were full of adrenaline, as Viñales jumped from the plane and led the way down into the Atlantic. But they faced a growing swell from which only the pilot and two cabin crew were able to cling.

Priscilla Rodriguez, a passenger on the accident, who was sitting in the front row of the left-hand row on board, said she was shook up when Viñales ditched the craft.

“Afterward we landed the plane and there was a very strong puff of water that made us very uncomfortable,” Rodriguez said. “Many people passed out.”

Viñales, 37, becomes the latest in a long line of celebrities to play cowboy in his adventurous exploits. He is best known for his short films that spoof his native country’s media and politics, such as Salt Sun and Academy, which he directed and stars in.

Viñales left Peru as a baby and lived in New York and Paris before returning home two years ago. He has two gold bullion airplanes and a private company that markets his planewrecks on YouTube, among other interests.

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