See what memes are happening right now and understand them better

It’s hard to remember a time when you couldn’t browse the web without stumbling upon something cringe-worthy. Sometimes, this can be accomplished through sheer luck — that time you clicked on a meme or got on the wrong train. Other times, you are able to design around the fact that the internet isn’t doing much more than existing in the same vein as it was a year ago.

These GIFs — which range from not very funny to, like, pretty awesome — prove that you don’t need to rely on the usual suspects to make the internet work for you. And unlike those cringe-worthy snaps of people doing the weirdest things (or just snapping it on a whim), these memes are ones that make you laugh. Which, in a world of borderline-divisive political opinions, makes you smile in a manner that makes everyone else in the room smile, too. These viral finds aren’t going anywhere — for better or worse.

This one is called “Dude Saves the Cookie,” and features Kevin Breaux, a 23-year-old restaurant server. You’ll need a stomach as sturdy as Michelangelo’s to bear this viewing.

u wanna keep eating cookie after cookie after cookie … — The Academy (@theACademy) September 26, 2016

This is the full-on, wordless version, and already has 7,500 retweets (and counting) in about four days. The episode is called “Samuel L. Jackson Has to Act With Taylor Swift,” and is the perfect example of how an actor of this caliber can recreate that character with ease.

my hero 🌲#SamuelLJacksonWonTheMovie — 🌼 (@simonlisz) October 5, 2016

This is called “Tear Harms,” which features a woman who seems to hate everything.

Cameron Kasky, @RealCameronKasky from @makeupbylamar about to take a break — Wilson Ronberg (@nomodie) November 3, 2016

This is from a point in “Ready Player One” where the universe is in flux. This might be what it would be like to go outside for the first time on a strange new planet.

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