Black Friday mattress deals 21: The best discounts to shop from Emma, Simba and Nectar

Best deals in the sales, when they’re worth stocking up for the long winter months

Black Friday mattress deals 2021: The best discounts to shop from Emma, Simba and Nectar

Feel like the latest Black Friday, when you are? Black Friday benefits new or expectant parents, as a mother or father can save huge amounts on many new or used beds.

Emma Claire Series 120 is a hit from the budget end of the market, featuring quality sheet covers, a nice size mattress and adjustable firmness settings. For those who aren’t careful, I was told this might not be good news for a newborn’s back


Over 50% off a double-duty mattress and box spring with the Homebase deal, worth around £84. The rest of the range is priced at £209.

Those looking for a nice balance between function and style may want to look at the Simba range, which are simple, distinctive beds, but is partly brand new and only £57.

Those who want a little more style but who don’t care much about a margin can save money by going with the IJM Sleep – think petite digs under the bed and beautiful models. I started with a Simba based on clean lines but after visiting the range, I found the IJM Sleep mattresses cut a lot of design and design without cutting corners on quality.

A good pick for those after clean sheets, which is the sort of thing you might need as some new baby stains do come in out of the blue.

Save £160 by buying all three from the IJM Sleep range – the split low-rise bed is £460, the top-end merino slatted mattress is £737 and the combined wood and range is £993.

Even at the prime of Black Friday, the IJM Mattress range was slightly too high on my purchase radar. The mattresses are excellent, but also of a quality others would struggle to compete with and the noise of the appliances can make you feel quite isolated under the bed – there’s a lot of whirring and whirring and no breeze.

I might hold off on the mattress at least until the sale, as going for the IJM Mattress could mean less space for decent-quality sheets.

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