7-year-old witness of deadly mall shooting: ‘Where’s the guy?’

(FOX 5/Oxygen) – A man was shot Monday night in a mall in Tacoma, Wash.

A 7-year-old girl was outside Pacific Place Mall when she heard a gunshot. According to OZONE News, the girl said she saw a man at a shoe store and asked the man what happened. That’s when the man pulled out a gun and shot the mall and a bystander.

Eyewitness Ryan Wildenthal said he was inside the mall and looked out a window to see what was going on.

“When I saw the shopping carts, one of the people in the shoes store was left behind,” Wildenthal said. “I said, ‘where’s the guy?’ She said he got shot.”

Wildenthal and the other customers went outside and found the man in the parking lot and called 911. Another man also received injuries in the shooting. He was rushed to the hospital.

Another man with a rifle was reportedly shot during the incident. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

According to the Tri-City Herald, a release from the mall’s owner indicates three people were involved in the shooting. The suspect left in a small vehicle before police arrived. A perimeter was set up as authorities searched for the gunman.

Tacoma police have not released details about the status of the shooting victim and said no one has been arrested.

Pacific Place Mall in Tacoma, Washington remained closed Tuesday, August 7, for the time being.

The mall is expected to reopen sometime Tuesday afternoon.


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